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BalanceBox® Wings

BalanceBox® Wings - the touch screen whiteboard frame

As digital touchpanel technology is entering more classrooms and conferencerooms around the country, traditional writing surfaces are often lost to the teachers. Now BalanceBox® is offering the ultimate solution with the WINGS whiteboard frame. A range of modular standardized products in three sizes, WINGS-4 for a double-sided pivoting whiteboard surface on the left and right side of the touchpanel. WINGS-6 for 2 fixed whiteboard surfaces and 2 double-sided pivoting whiteboards, two on each side of the touchpanel. Equipped with the best dynamic height adjustable mount on the market today, the BalanceBox® 650 or e.Box®.

Use the tray below the touchpanel to move the touchpanel up and down with only a featherlight touch, both students and teachers can reach the full potential of the technology. Grab the dry-erase markers and jot down your notes or the homework for the next day. The high quality whiteboard surfaces can be erased over and over again but can also be used with magnets to turn them into a bulletin board or scrap book project.

What’s included

  • the BalanceBox®650 manual height adjustable mount with a feather light travel of 25.6” (650 mm) or e.Box®
  • the WINGS frame with base frame with Universal VESA mounting plate
  • double-sided pivoting whiteboard
  • anodized aluminum bottom tray

What’s not included

  • the interactive touchpanel of your choice

Touchpanel use up to 86”

Touchpanels up to 86” will always be mounted centered and aligned at the top. Three standard size frames for 60” up to 86” touchpanels are available.

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