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BalanceBox® Winx®

BalanceBox® Winx® - Touchscreen Whiteboard Frame

As digital Touchpanel technology is entering more classrooms and conference rooms around the country, traditional writing surfaces are often lost to the teachers. Combine your touchscreen technology with traditional whiteboards with our ultimate solution: the BalanceBox® Winx® range.

The Winx® 4 and Winx® 6, containing of three standard size frames for 60 up to 86 “ Touch and Flat panels. This Whiteboard frame includes an aluminum bottom tray and a choice to go for either 4 or 6 whiteboards. New to the range, the simplified and retro-fitted Winx® 4b, is suitable for 75” and 86” panels.

This Whiteboard frame contains a maximum of 4 whiteboards and is designed without a bottom tray.

The high quality enameled steel whiteboard surfaces can be erased over and over again but can also be used with magnets to turn them into a bulletin board or scrapbook project. Equip your Winx® whiteboard frame with the fastest and safest dynamic height-adjustable mount on the market today, the BalanceBox® 650. Just with one feather-light move, you can height adjust your Winx®.


What’s included

  • the BalanceBox®650 manual height adjustable mount with a feather light travel of 25.6” (650 mm)
  • the Winx® frame with base frame with Universal VESA mounting plate
  • double-sided pivoting whiteboard
  • anodized aluminum bottom tray

What’s not included

  • the interactive touchpanel of your choice

Touchpanel use up to 86”

Touchpanels up to 86” will always be mounted centered and aligned at the top. Three standard size frames for 60” up to 86” touchpanels are available.

Why Height Adjustable Mounts

Smooth and effortless
Hidden behind the screen
Choose your accessory
For any size display