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BalanceBox® now introduces the x·line. A complete new line of mobile stands and accessories specifically designed for the corporate market, like conference rooms, offices and architectural projects. Truly unique because you can create your own style.

This mobile stand can be customized with a range of standard upholsteries in different colors. You can even design your own product, by creating a fabric in your corporate style or with selected photos and text. Transform your environment in any style you like.

The BalanceBox® x·line is introduced with the stylish mobile stand including the BalanceBox® 400. The curved modern lines of the aluminum foot and upright structure can be customized with standard color fabrics from two different ranges. The products can be further customized with the customers’ interior fabrics or a special printed fabric.

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Touch panels

Use the x·line mobile stand for touch panels or passive displays from 55 to 86” diagonal. Combine the panel
with a teleconferencing unit to get the best out of your interactive meeting. Use the installation in the most flexible way by moving the panel to its highest position for a group presentation, or bring the panel to the lowest position for a teleconference. Make the most of your investment and work in style with the new BalanceBox® x·line products.

Custom colors

BalanceBox® x·line adds the custom furniture factor to the mobile stand. Choose our basic upholstery line with 16 standard colors, or upgrade to our exclusive line, a more superior line of fabrics. All standard fabrics are made of the Trevira® CS yarns. These are the highest quality upholstery materials: durable, UV resistant, abrasion resistant and with the highest fire retardant qualifications.

Standard stock colors:

Custom line
Further custom upholstery can be made at your special request with the materials of your choice, or (partially) printed with your company logo or message. Contact our sales team for the possibilities and pricing.



Height 1943 mm 77"
Width 1259 mm 50"
Depth 869 mm 34"


Shipping weight incl. pallet 81 kg 178.6 Lbs
Product weigt excl. BalanceBox®400 40 kg 88.2 Lbs


Wheels Ø100 / 4" diameter black non-marking wheels, all lockable
Wheel frame Aluminum, powder coated RAL9011 textured
Upright frame Aluminum, clear anodized
Mounting plate Steel, powder coated black RAL9005

Standard Trevira®CS 100% polyester flame retardant
(specifications available on demand)

Cable management:

Wiring can be hidden in the hollow space in the upright column.
Openings are located at the front and on the backside.


We continuously expand the BalanceBox® x·line with new products and accessories.


  • VESA interface brackets
  • Laptop shelve (under development)
  • Conferencing camera support (under development)
  • Soundbar bracket (under development)

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