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e·Box® II Wall Mount - 487A12011

motorized double-column height adjustment

The e·Box® II Wall Mount is our electrically height adjustable wall mount for displays and mobile touchscreen stands with the highest quality standards. Our motorized mount display is one of the fastest and safest technology on the AV market today.

The double-column design guarantees the stability needed to work with interactive touchscreens up to 98” diagonal with a 440.9 lb (200 kg) total weight capacity. The wired remote control with 3 programmable presets (no batteries) can be placed at a convenient and easy to reach location, allowing the user to adjust the height of the screen safely and quietly. The motorized mount display has a dual anti-collision safety feature to prevent accidental pinching: when the system is moving and senses an obstruction, it will stop and retreat. The premium motor is the best in its class and has a soft start / stop feature for smooth operation.

The e·Box® consists of a Top-Box design: the backside of this integrated VESA mounting box (with universal pattern) has room for cable management and a power strip. This way the electronic controls are safely located, the backside can be used to place a mini-PC, thin-client PC or NUC.

The 25.6" (650 mm) low reach travel will guarantee full screen access for all users. The clever design and features offers maximum accessibilty, perfectly suitable for wheelchair users. With the optional accessories our solution can be equipped for use with video conferencing equipment, a document camera and a side mounting laptop or keyboard tray.

Features and Benefits

Ergonomics Effortless high-low adjustment, always the right presentation and working height
Compact design Hidden behind the screen, black textured finish
Safety CE and UL Certification (UL962 and UL62368)
Dual anti-collision safety feature - Reduced trip hazard
Fast One of the fastest and safest technology on the AV market
Logistics Compact packaging, relatively low transport costs
Maintenance Maintenance-free, 3 year warranty
Easy to use Wired programmable 3-position remote control
Maximum accessibility Obstacle-free access to the screen for children, adults and wheelchair users
Installation Easy and safe mounting / estimated assembly time 10 min
Two depth adjustable wall brackets including covers
Bottom tray for optional floor fixation
e·Box® II Wall mount

Technical specifications motorized height adjustable mounts

Product Datasheet

For insight in all technical specifications and product dimensions of the e·Box® II Wall Mount, download the Product Datasheet

Installation Manual

To help you install your e·Box® II Wall Mount, download the Installation Manual

Safety Instructions

Read the Safety Instructions carefully before installing the e·Box® Wall Mount.

Dimensions Length Width Height Weight
Product dimensions (without screen) 22.83" (580 mm) 6.26" (159 mm) 53.8" (1366,6 mm) 102.5 lb. (46,5 kg)
Shipping dimensions (boxed) 31.5" (800 mm) 23.6" (600 mm) 10.4" (264 mm) 110.7 lb. (50,2 kg) 

Travel 25.6” (650 mm); Speed  0.91” / sec. (23 mm / sec.) 
Maximum weight capacity / screen size 440.9 lbs (200 kg) / 98” diagonal
VESA bracket / screen interface

Standard 400x400 mm and 16” [400mm] mounting pattern

For panels with VESA patterns other than 400x400: order Universal VESA Bracket part nr. 481A70

Or use a compatible 3rd party VESA mount. (Compatible with Promethean WALLMNT-2, SMART WM-SBID 200 and Viewsonic WMK-047-2)

Safety / certification Dual anti-collision feature; CE and UL Certification (UL962 and UL62368)
Material and color Steel structural parts, powder coated Black RAL9005
Controls Wired remote control for screen-edge mounting with 3 programmable presets

110-240V, 50-60Hz; 10% duty cycle (6min/hour);
Power consumption max 300W; Stand-by power consumption 0,1 W
12’ [3,6 meter] Power leads for USA and Europe included (C13/type-B and C13/type-E)

e·Box® II Wall Mount | Product dimensions
e·Box® II Wall Mount

Installation electric adjustable mounts

Welcome to our e·Box® II Wall Mount installation page. The e·Box® II Wall Mount is our height adjustable motorized mount for installing interactive displays and touchscreens directly to the wall. On this page you will find our installation manual which guides you through every step, ensuring a smooth and flawless installation process.

To help you install your e·Box® II Wall Mount download the Installation Manual.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring your installation experience exceeds expectations. Rest easy knowing that we are committed to delivering the utmost support and guidance throughout your journey. For further information about the installation, please contact our Sales Department.

e·Box® II Wall mount


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