15 booths at ISE 2020 you MUST visit

Go check them out, you won’t be disappointed!

Every year, in early February, the world’s largest AV and systems integration exhibition takes place: Integrated Systems Europe (or: ISE). As Regout Balance Systems we’ve been showing our height adjustable mounts at this show for many years, and we’ve seen it grow to where it is today with 15 halls, and over 200 speakers, 1,300 exhibitors and 80,000 attendees. In other words: ISE is BIG!

We would love for you to come by and visit our booth in hall 13 (13-D140), so we can show you our flat panel mount solutions, like the BalanceBox® and the e-Box®. But as we just said: this exhibition is BIG, and there is so much more to see than just our booth.

Strolling through the many halls, past the booths of the vast amount of different companies, it’s very easy to get lost or to miss a lot of the booths that are actually worth visiting. But no worries, we’ve got you covered! We made a round through all the halls and picked one booth in each hall, that we think you really should see for yourself. It’s a collection of booths that are the most amazing, funny, impressive, cool and beautiful to us. Go check them out, you won’t be disappointed.

1. BeyerDynamic – Hall 1, booth 1-M120

A forest of (little) plants is probably not what you expect to find at an exhibition like this. But BeyerDynamic, who produces headphones among other things, wants to “grow together with it’s customers”, and therefore you will surprisingly find nature in hall 1. In need for some oxygen? Find your way to the booth of BeyerDynamic.

ISE 2020 - BeyerDynamic – Hall 1, booth 1-M120

There’s one other booth in hall 1 you should visit, especially if you like e-sports. One area of the booth of Panasonic (Hall 1, booth 1-H20) is turned into an e-sports arena, where you cannot only watch the action, but also be part of it. Great fun!

ISE 2020 - Panasonic - Hall 1, booth 1-H20

2. Mitsubishi Electric – Hall 2, booth 2-A20

Mitsubishi is of course well known for their cars, but they also provide control room solutions. In hall 2, you’ll find an impressive example of this activity. The huge videowall shows many different streams at the same time, which makes you feel completely in control.  

2.	Mitsubishi Electric – Hall 2, booth 2-A20

3. Blackmagic Design – Hall 3, booth 3-C140

You might have noticed them the last time you attended a sports event: camera operators. They are in the best seat of the house, close to the action, filming the whole event from behind those huge camera’s. At the booth of Blackmagic Design, you can try out your own skills as a camera operator. Not as much action as during a sports event, but still… fun to do.

ISE 2020 - Blackmagic Design – Hall 3, booth 3-C140

4. Samsung Electronics – Hall 4, booth 4-S100

The booth of Samsung is just beautiful. The bright colorful screens truly pop out of the crystal white surrounding. One of the highlights within the booth for us is the world’s first 100R curved monitor. It looks absolutely stunning.     

ISE 2020 - Samsung Electronics – Hall 4, booth 4-S100

5. Bang & Olufsen – Hall 5, booth 5-U60

Walking around the exhibition, we didn’t hear much music at all. When we finally did hear some audio, it was amazing and we were not really surprised to find the world famous brand Bang & Olufsen, delivering this wonderful experience. A true feast for the ears.

6. Riedel Communications – Hall 6, booth 6-K140

In hall 6, the smallest hall by far, our eyes fell on some wooden cases filled with audio equipment. We have no idea what the audio equipment is for, but the cases look very classy. You’ll also find a lovely sitting area here. All in all, the booth of Riedel Communications is one to visit.  

ISE 2020 - Riedel Communications – Hall 6, booth 6-K140

7. FOS Technologies – Hall 7, booth 7-Y194

Wondering where the party is? Come to the booth of FOS Technologies and you’ll be walking in a disco filled with laser beams, smoke machines and moving light balls. You’ll start dancing spontaneously. 

ISE: FOS Technologies – Hall 7, booth 7-Y194

8. LEDECA – Hall 8, 8-E120

The booth of LEDECA has one of the most impressive features of the entire exhibition: an enormous human head out of LED screens. The head changes colors all the time, and they even have a trumpet player to add to the impressive presentation. Take out your smartphones, you’ll want to make a video of this! 

ISE 2020 - LEDECA – Hall 8, 8-E120

9. Doorbird – Hall 9, 9-D127

Imagine you’re walking at ISE, and at the same time someone’s ringing your doorbell at home. Normally you would miss this person, and not even know they were there. With Doorbird’s IP door station with motion sensor and a 180 degrees HD camera, this problem belongs to the past. Try it out for yourself. And maybe more important: they have a popcorn machine!

ISE 2020 - Doorbird – Hall 9, 9-D127

10. Philips – Hall 10, 10-H170

Rooted in the Netherlands, Philips showcases their products and solutions in a beautiful booth in hall 10. Interactive classroom displays are of the many features you’ll find. So, if you want to go back to school, visit Philips in hall 10.

ISE 2020 - Philips – Hall 10, 10-H170

11. Arthur Holm – Hall 11, booth 11-F155

The booth of Arthur Holm could be part of the new James Bond movie. One moment you see beautiful clean tables in Scandinavian design, the next moment screens and audio speakers dramatically rise out of the table slowly. This Mediterranean creativity would even impress 007. You just need a drink to complete the scene… shaken, not stirred. 

ISE 2020 - Arthur Holm – Hall 11, booth 11-F155

12. Absen – Hall 12, booth 12-C50

If you like enormous LED screens with razor sharp images, go and take a look at the booth of Absen. The screens come in all forms and sizes, and the sharpness and color quality are amazing. Just take a moment to stand still, look up, and be amazed. It’s really impressive.

ISE 2020 - Absen – Hall 12, booth 12-C50

13. BalanceBox® & e-Box® – Hall 13, booth 13-D140

Ever given a training or a presentation where you couldn’t move your screen up and down, while the situation asked for it? With the height adjustable mounts of Regout Balance Systems (that’s us) you will never have this problem again. We’ll be happy to show you our manual and electric mounting solutions, like the BalanceBox® and the e-Box®, which give you the most comfortable, most intuitive and fastest way to adjust your display to the right height and into any position you would like. Let’s move your screen! Ooh, we also have a ‘moon lander’. Come check it out!  

ISE 2020 - BalanceBox® & e-Box® – Hall 13, booth 13-D140

14. Main stage for lectures – Hall 14, booth 14-B190

Walking around ISE 2020 will make you tired. One in a while you will need to sit down and relax a little. The main stage in hall 14 will give you just that. On the one hand you can sit down and gain new knowledge about interesting topics. On the other hand you’ll find two table football (or foosball) tables next to this stage, for your daily dose of relaxation. Kick back and relax.

ISE 2020 - Main stage for lectures – Hall 14, booth 14-B190

15. Laserworld – Hall 15, booth 15-D250

Who does not like a spectacular laser show? Laserworld will give you just that! You will not have any trouble to find them in hall 15… the lasers will greet you from far away.

ISE 2020 - Laserworld – Hall 15, booth 15-D250

And there you have it! These are the 15 booths you most certainly MUST visit while you’re at ISE 2020.

We hope you have a wonderful time! Enjoy! And we would love for you to come over and say hi at our booth in hall 13. See you there!


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