Scandinavia, let's move your screen!

Scandinavia, here we come!

This week, we are on a road trip through Denmark & Sweden to show people the benefits of our Height Adjustable Mounts.

Our roadshow bus is equipped with our latest innovations. One of them is the BalanceBox®650 Winx®

Within our BalanceBox® Winx® solution we offer three variations, Winx® 4, Winx® 6, and the new Winx® 4b. The Winx® 4 and Winx® 6 have three standard size frames for touchscreens between 60" and 86". The frames come with an aluminum bottom tray and the choice to go for either 4 (Winx® 4) or 6 (Winx® 6) enameled steel whiteboard surfaces. In the Winx® 6 solution, the 2 front whiteboards can be rotated in front of the touchscreen, resulting in a total of 6 whiteboard surfaces.

New to the range is the Winx® 4b, which frame with two double-sided whiteboards is mounted easily and quickly onto the BalanceBox® 650 height adjustable mount (the fastest in the market). The Winx® 4b can also be retro-fitted to an already installed BalanceBox® 650, without removing the touchscreen. The two fixed-size whiteboard frames can be used with screen sizes between 70" - 75" and 80" - 86". In comparison to the Winx® 4 and Winx® 6, the Winx® 4b does not have an aluminum bottom tray.

Another innovation is the Mobile Stand Mix®

The Mobile Stand Mix® makes it possible to mount your panel at two different fixed heights with our universal VESA interface bracket (part no. 481A70). Together with our BalanceBox® 400 mount, which makes your interactive panels truly height adjustable, you create an even better combination.

And of course... from our motorized e·Box® mounts, we brought the e·Box®Tilt & Table. The e·Box® Tilt & Table makes working with a touchscreen far easier. It is an innovation that makes it possible to change the position of the touchscreen from vertical (the normal upright position) to horizontal (the table position) and any diagonal position in between. This makes the e·Box® Tilt & Table electrical mounting solution the perfect solution for all users to work on their own height in a group or as an individual.

Are you interested to try out our height adjustable mounts yourself, and are you currently in Denmark or Sweden?

Please contact us ( to see whether we can get you into our route!

By the way, we'll do more of these road trips all over Europe and North America, so when you're interested, just let us know and we'll swing by soon.

Why Height Adjustable Mounts

Smooth and effortless
Hidden behind the screen
Choose your accessory
For any size display