The Let's Move Your Screen Newsletter

Volume 2 | Issue 1 | February 2021

This edition of the 'Let's Move Your Screen' - newsletter is all about combining high-tech touchscreens with traditional whiteboards.

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The Let's Move Your Screen Newsletter
Volume 1 | Issue 10 | December 2020

"Welcome to a brand new issue of the LET'S MOVE YOUR SCREEN - newsletter by Regout Balance Systems B.V. & Thomas Regout Inc.

The end of 2020 is approaching fast. It turned out to be a year wherein flexibility was key for both businesses and education. Our BalanceBox® and e-Box® solutions help you become even more flexible.

The flexibility lies in the application of our products, and also in the possibility to upgrade products (even at a later moment in time). Want to go well prepared into the new year? Take a look at some of our solutions below. A flexible start to 2021 is guaranteed.

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In more and more classrooms and conference rooms around the world, traditional writing surfaces are replaced by digital touchscreen technology. And while the possibilities of digital technology are amazing, traditional whiteboards can still be very helpful. So why not combine the two into one ultimate solution?

Meet the BalanceBox® Winx® 4b Touchscreen Whiteboard Frame.

The Winx® 4b is our bestselling whiteboard solution, which also has the best value for money. This solution preferably combines 75” or 86” panels with two double-sided, pivoting whiteboards out of high-quality enameled steel. To keep the whiteboards from slamming into your touchscreen, a whiteboard stop is included. With the optional whiteboard lock, you can even avoid unwanted use of your touchscreen.

The Winx® 4b is only available in combination with the BalanceBox® 650, the fastest and safest dynamic height-adjustable mount in the market today. Mounting of the Winx® 4b onto the BalanceBox® 650 is fast and easy, as you can see in the video below.

The combination of the BalanceBox® 650 and the Winx® 4b means that you can move your touchscreen and up and down with just one feather-light move of your hand, as shown in the video.

Link to the video:

The high-quality enameled steel whiteboard surfaces can be erased over and over. They can also be used with magnets to turn them into a bulletin board or a scrapbook project. 

To make the system truly accessible to everyone, and to contribute to creating a safe and healthy learning and work environment, you can set your Winx® 4b at any given height between the top and bottom extremes. Furthermore, all our products are subject to the highest safety regulations. In other words, your valuable touchscreen is also safe.

Would you like more information about this solution? Please, don't hesitate to contact our sales managers, or click on the link below.



Digital touchscreen technology is invading more and more classrooms and conference rooms around the world. A wonderful development, looking at all the extra learning possibilities this development brings. But at the same time, traditional writing surfaces have definitely not lost any of their powerful functionalities, especially in combination with digital technology in a system like the Winx® 4b.

To help you improve your whiteboard skills, we found two very informative articles:

4 tips to (immediately!) improve your boardwork and 10 Creative ESL Games to Play on Whiteboards

Enjoy! Let us know if you have other tips and tricks for using whiteboards!


Creating Height Adjustable Mounting Solutions is in our DNA. Our years of experience have made us design the new standard in mounts for your AV touchscreen panels and interactive whiteboards. It's because we believe in:

- Giving everyone fast access to your touchscreen technology -

- Creating safe & healthy learning and work environments -

- Adding flexibility to your presentation -

- Protecting your investment (your touchscreen) -

We've developed manual mounting solutions, named BalanceBox®, and electrical mounting solutions, named e-Box®. Both come in wall and mobile solutions, with a vast array of accessories. You'll find all information on our website:

And of course, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to be of assistance!

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