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481A101 e·Box® Laptop/ Keyboard Support

This accessory can be used on the motorized e-Box® double column design Mobile stand and on the motorized e-Box® Wall mount equipped with the anti-collision feature. The laptop or keyboard support tray can be mounted centered under the touch panel and has a 12” (305 mm) height adjustment for different size interactive panels. USB connection wiring can be fed through the height adjustable column into the VESA box where a mini-PC, a thin client PC or NUC can be placed.

  • for the motorized height adjustable mobile stand or wall mount. USB connection through column & VESA box
  • Mounting points for neutrik connectors
  • Dimensions: L15.4” (390)*W17.3”*(440)
  • Height 16.3”-28.3”(414-719mm)
  • Weight 12 lbs (5,4 kg)
  • Tray size 11.9”*17.3” (302*440)

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*e·Box® motorized height adjustable mount not included 

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