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Height Adjustable Manual Mounts

BalanceBox® is our manually operated height adjustable mount based on a patented spring tension technology. Unique, fast and user-friendly. The BalanceBox manual mount gives you ultimate comfort, is extremely reliable and safe. It is the most sustainable mounting solution in the market as no electric connection is needed. Choose any preferred position of your interactive display and find out how fast and easy you can move it to any position you like. Together with the flat panel wall mount or the flat panel mobile stand and the accessories you prefer, we offer a total solution to maximize the potential of your interactive display.

Select one of the BalanceBox products below or click on the BalanceBox selector to guide you through the different height adjustable manual mounts and available accessories.

BalanceBox® 400 Manual Mount

The BalanceBox 400 manual height adjustable mount is suitable for displays from 42 until 86 inches and has a vertical movement up to 400 mm (15.75"). The maximum load capacity is 95 kg/ 209 lbs. Make a choice between a flat panel mount solution, a perfect solution for your wall in your classroom or conference room. Or select a flat panel mobile stand when it is more convenient to move your touchscreen from one room to another.

BalanceBox® 650 Manual Mount

The BalanceBox 650 manual height adjustable mount is the perfect solution for extra-large interactive flatpanels from 65 until 98 inches and has a vertical movement up to 650 mm (25.60"). The maximum load capacity is 169 kg/ 372 lbs.

To optimize your BalanceBox manual height adjustable mount we have developed several accessories as interface brackets for all screen sizes, a flat panel mobile stand and a flat panel mount solution.

BalanceBox® Winx® - Touchscreen Whiteboard Frame

Bring writing back to the classroom: combine your Touch panel technology with traditional whiteboards with our ultimate solution - the BalanceBox Winx range. The Winx 4 and Winx 6, have three standard size frames for 60“ up to 86“ for Touch and Flat panels. This frame includes an aluminum bottom tray and a choice to go for either 4 or 6 enameled steel whiteboard surfaces.

New to the range, the simplified Winx 4b for 75” and 86” panels combined with enameled steel whiteboard surfaces.

More information about the BalanceBox Winx

BalanceBox® Brochure

Download our BalanceBox brochure or read more about our available accessories for our BalanceBox Manual Mounts.