Floor Support II for BalanceBox 650
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481A14001 Floor Support II for BalanceBox® 650

Unmatched Stability for Your Interactive Display

Non-bearing walls, stud walls or is additional safety and stability required due to intensity of use?

Elevate your interactive display experience with the Floor Support II, designed exclusively for the BalanceBox® 650*. Say goodbye to worries about display wobbling or tipping, and welcome a rock-solid foundation that guarantees unmatched stability.

With its sleek and durable construction, the Floor Support II complements the elegance of your interactive setup while ensuring safety in every environment. Whether it's a bustling classroom, a dynamic conference room, or a vibrant trade show, this floor support stands strong against vibrations and movement, leaving you free to focus on your engaging content.

Experience the convenience of easy height adjustments, tailoring your display's position to suit any audience, from pupils to students to executives. Say hello to seamless cable management, taming those tangled wires and presenting a clean, professional appearance.

Installation is a breeze, and with the Floor Support II, you can confidently unleash the full potential of your BalanceBox® 650 height adjustable mount and your interactive touch panel. Join the ranks of satisfied customers who have already taken their interactive displays to new heights of stability and performance.

Don't compromise on safety and style – choose the Floor Support II for BalanceBox® 650 today!

Features and Benefits

Rock-solid stability Optimal weight distribution to the floor, perfect for non-supporting walls
Premium design Enhanced durability, seamless aestetics and long-lasting performance
Easy installation Standard height 2306 mm / 91 Inch - no interference with skirting boards
Unmatched flexibility Interface brackets with stepless height adjustment
Peace of mind Reliable with no compromise in safety -  TÜV Certification (62368)
Compatibility Compatible with both current and future models of the BalanceBox® 650, ensuring seamless integration with existing screens.
Future proof Ability to upgrade to the latest technology without compatibility concerns


Installation Manual Datasheet


The Floor Support II for BalanceBox® 650 is compatible for the following BalanceBox® 650 models:

Part No.

484A07 BalanceBox® 650 Light (MKI)
484A08 BalanceBox® 650 Medium (MKI)
484A09 BalanceBox® 650 Heavy (MKI)

*BalanceBox® 650 not included

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