481A42001 Floor Support 400

The flat panel Floor Support for the BalanceBox 400 enables the BalanceBox 400 to be used when not having any supportive or stud wall. The floor support is mounted against the wall, which creates a stable base to mount the BalanceBox 400 onto.

The distance between the studs of the flat panel floor support is 305mm (12"),  406mm (16")  or 606mm (24"). In combination with the BalanceBox® 400, the flat panel floor support can carry a load capacity up to 225 kg (495 lbs).  

Further product specifications:

  • Weight: 11,4 kg/ 25 lbs
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 650mm (25.6") x 2012mm (79.2") x 44mm (1.75")


More information of the Floor Support for BalanceBox 400 can be found below.

Datasheet Installation Manual

Installation Video

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