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Take a look at our renewed download page on the height adjustable mounts website. Find the right Installation Manual or Datasheet download within no-time to get started with our manual or motorized mounts.

BalanceBox® is our manually operated height adjustable mount based on a patented spring tension technology. Unique, fast and user-friendly as no electric connection is needed. The BalanceBox® manual mounts gives you ultimate comfort, is extremely reliable and safe. Choose any preferred position of your interactive display and find out how fast and easy you can move it to any position you like. Together with the flat panel wall mount or the flat panel floor support and the accessories you prefer, we offer a total solution for your interactive display. Go to the downloadspage from the BalanceBox® 400​ or BalanceBox® 650​ to download the documentation. 

The e·Box® is our electrically height adjustable mount for displays and mobile touchscreen stands with the highest quality standards. The double column motorized design provides the best stability and the innovative anti-collision feature protects against accidental pinching. The e·Box® is the best choice for a motorized height adjustment. Download the documentation from the e·Box® products and their accessories here. 

Why Height Adjustable Mounts

Smooth and effortless
Hidden behind the screen
Choose your accessory
For any size display