Guiding principle #4

Technology is more effective when used together!

“Most research on children’s media usage shows that children learn more from content when early educators watch and interact with children, encouraging them to make real-world connections to what they are viewing both while they are viewing and afterward.”

While technology such as tablets and smartphones are designed to individualized experiences, interactive flat panels on the other hand lend themselves to shared ones. Early learners benefit greatly when early educators are actively involved while children use devices as interactive flat panels. Furthermore, it provides early childhood educators with unlimited access to newer, more innovative teaching methods that allow them to facilitate an active learning environment for their young learners.

There are many ways that adult involvement can make learning more effective for young children using technology and our products are THE added value.

Our manual and motorized height adjustable mounts in combination with interactive flat panels make it possible to – ENGAGE – COMMUNICATE, LEARN and CREATE.

Why Height Adjustable Mounts

Smooth and effortless
Hidden behind the screen
Choose your accessory
For any size display