Thomas Regout Inc. Donates Whiteboards to Cherokee County Schools

Cherokee, February 21, 2024 — In a remarkable display of dedication to education, Thomas Regout Inc., a distinguished member of the Regout Group, has donated over 200 whiteboards of various sizes to the schools in Cherokee County. The generous donation, totaling 238 whiteboards, will be presented to Superintendent Dr. Brian Hightower at a special ceremony. Joost van Luyken, President, and Henriette Warrens, Director of Thomas Regout Inc., will personally hand over the contribution to support the school's educational initiatives.

Thomas Regout Inc., renowned for its innovative product lines - BalanceBox® and e·Box®, is dedicated to enhancing classroom dynamics. The company firmly believes in the importance of fostering engagement within the learning environment. Recognizing the pivotal role interactive flat panels play in shaping optimal classroom experiences, Thomas Regout Inc.'s height adjustable mounts empower every student to actively participate in class, ensuring enhanced screen accessibility for an improved learning outcome.

"We are excited to play a pivotal role in advancing Cherokee County School's dedication to fostering an enriched learning experience. Through the provision of these whiteboards, our objective is to bolster educators in their quest to craft dynamic and interactive classrooms that seamlessly blend cutting-edge educational technology with time-honored teaching methodologies," expressed Joost van Luyken, President of Thomas Regout Inc. This initiative underscores our commitment to delivering the most comprehensive solution, where innovation and tradition converge to ignite creativity and elevate the overall educational experience for students."

The donation underscores Thomas Regout Inc.'s dedication to education and its ongoing efforts to provide cutting-edge solutions that seamlessly integrate technology into the learning environment. Alongside the company continues to offer new and advanced products to cater to the evolving needs of educational institutions.


Press Contact

Henriette Warrens
Director Thomas Regout Inc.

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