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We are happy to announce that we will be presenting our height adjustable mounting solutions for interactive touchscreens at EDUtech Europe in Amsterdam on October 5 and 6.

More and more classrooms are equipped with the latest digital technology, including an interactive touchscreen replacing the traditional chalk board. Especially in classrooms with growing children of different heights, not everyone can use the full potential of the screen if it is not adjustable in height. Whereas the correct working height can contribute to more comfortable teaching and learning for both teacher as pupil.

With our BalanceBox® we ensure that everybody, teachers as well as pupils, can use the full potential of the screen by providing a fast and dynamic height adjustable mount to move your screen up and down at any desired height. This way anyone can work independently and intuitively on large-format displays. It builds confidence, creates dynamic and fun lessons and maximizes the full potential of new digital technology presented on the touchscreen. Resulting in the best and most enjoyable presentation and encouraging inclusive and collaborative learning at the same time.

Worldwide more than 100,000 classrooms are equiped with our best-in-class mounting solutions. Come and visit our Booth C04 to discover the BalanceBox® and e·Box®, and learn why teachers and professors acclaim them.

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