Height Adjustable Mounts

The new standard in height adjustable mounting solutions for touch screens and interactive whiteboards: BalanceBox® and e·Box®

We ensure that people can use these advanced interactive and collaboration tools to their fullest potential in various educational and work place settings. Our mounts offer users the most comfortable and intuitive solutions to adjust their display to the right height and into any position you would like.

BalanceBox® is a manually operated system based on our patented spring tension technology. Unique, fast and user-friendly as no electric connection is needed. The BalanceBox® gives you ultimate comfort, is extremely reliable and safe. Together with our complete range of accessories we can offer the optimal solution.

Next to the BalanceBox® we have an electric system available, the e·Box®. The e·Box® product range of high quality electric height adjustments, featuring the fastest and safest technology on the AV market today. The double column motorized design provides the best stability and the innovative anti-collision feature protects against accidental pinching.

Choose the best height adjustable mounting solutions in today's market and get the most out of your audio visual experience!

Let’s move your screen!

Let's move your screen!

Height adjustable mounts

Why Height Adjustable Mounts

Smooth and effortless
Hidden behind the screen
Choose your accessory
For any size display