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Introducing the Enhanced Floor Support II

Elevate Your Screen Installation Experience

Let’s introduce the new Floor Support II for BalanceBox 400 and the Floor Support II for BalanceBox 650. With easy installation, premium design and improved features these cutting-edge solutions offers the optimal support for non-load-bearing walls, studded walls or environments with specific safety and installation requirements.

Premium Design and Enhanced Durability

The Floor Support II boasts a premium design, seamlessly blending with any environment, from classrooms to conference rooms and corporate offices. Upgraded materials, including lightweight aluminum extrusions, ensure both an professional appearance and long-lasting performance, making installation and repositioning easy without compromising durability.

Unmatched Flexibility with Interface Brackets

The Floor Support II introduces interface brackets with stepless height adjustment for the BalanceBox® 400 and BalanceBox® 650. This allows you to mount your screen at any desired height for the perfect viewing experience in any setup. Whether it's a K-12 classroom or a professional workspace, the Floor Support II offers unparalleled versatility, customizing screen placement to your preferences.

Seamless Aesthetics and Easy Mounting

Our new Floor Support II prioritizes both functionality and aesthetics, providing cover caps for the wall brackets to ensure a clean and seamless appearance. Unsightly wall mounting screws are a thing of the past, as our cover caps offer a professional finish. The adjustable positioning of the lower and upper wall brackets minimizes interference with skirting boards, allowing hassle-free installation in spaces with prominent skirting boards.

Versatility and Compatibility

The Floor Support II is available for all BalanceBox® models, ensuring seamless integration with existing screens and the ability to upgrade to the latest technology without compatibility concerns. Trust the Floor Support II to accommodate a wide range of height-adjustable mounting solutions, now and in the future.

More information?

Would you like more information about the Floor Support II, please visit the Floor Support II for BalanceBox® 400 product page or the Floor Support II for BalanceBox® 650 product page.

Floor Support II for BalanceBox® 400

Floor Support II for BalanceBox® 650

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