The Let's Move Your Screen Newsletter

Volume 1 | Issue 10 | December 2020

This edition of the 'Let's Move Your Screen' - newsletter is all about the flexibility you need if you want to reconfigure your class-, conference or congress room into an interactive environment. 

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The Let's Move Your Screen Newsletter
Volume 1 | Issue 10 | December 2020

"Welcome to a brand new issue of the LET'S MOVE YOUR SCREEN - newsletter by Regout Balance Systems B.V. & Thomas Regout Inc.

The end of 2020 is approaching fast. It turned out to be a year wherein flexibility was key for both businesses and education. Our BalanceBox® and e-Box® solutions help you become even more flexible.

The flexibility lies in the application of our products, and also in the possibility to upgrade products (even at a later moment in time). Want to go well prepared into the new year? Take a look at some of our solutions below. A flexible start to 2021 is guaranteed.



If you want to reconfigure your class-, conference or congress room into an interactive environment, where teachers, presenters, and attendees have the opportunity to participate actively, you wish for a mobile touchscreen, that you can move around with ease and place anywhere you want. The Mobile Stand Mix®, one of our most flexible solutions, does exactly that: it gives your interactive flat panel the mobility you wish for.

A legitimate question would be whether the Mobile Stand Mix® is compatible with your interactive flat panel/touchscreen. We've developed a flexible solution, our Universal VESA Bracket, to mount almost every panel onto the Mobile Stand Mix®. To add even more flexibility, you can mount your touchscreen at two different fixed heights.

Appearance matters as well, so check out the looks of the Mobile Stand Mix®!

Link to the video:




To create an even more complete solution, you can upgrade the Mobile Stand Mix® with the BalanceBox® manual mount, which makes your touchscreen dynamic height adjustable. Instead of a fixed screen height, you'll then have the flexibility to adjust the screen height into any position you like. The BalanceBox® 400 uses a unique worldwide patented spring tension technology and has a weight capacity of up to 209 lbs and a compact design with a black textured finish that is hidden behind the screen.

The flexibility also lies in the fact that you don't have to go for this upgrade straight away. The BalanceBox® 400 can also be mounted at a later time.

Some of the features and benefits of the BalanceBox® 400:

• Travel: 15.75”

• Faster than electrical height adjustable mounts

• Compact design

• Easy to transport, easy to mount, easy to use

• For touchscreens up to 86" diagonal

• ADA compliant, CE certified and UL recognized




More flexibility! We give you the option to upgrade the Mobile Stand Mix® with several accessories, like the Laptop/Keyboard Tray and the Wheels Upgrade Package.

Take a closer look at these accessories in the video of the Mobile Stand Mix® Build-Up. You will notice that building up the Mobile Stand Mix® and all the upgrade possibilities are very easy to do and can be done in less than 10 minutes.

Link to the video:



Creating Height Adjustable Mounting Solutions is in our DNA. Our years of experience have made us design the new standard in mounts for your AV touchscreen panels and interactive whiteboards. It's because we believe in:

- Giving everyone fast access to your touchscreen technology -

- Creating safe & healthy learning and work environments -

- Adding flexibility to your presentation -

- Protecting your investment (your touchscreen) -

We've developed manual mounting solutions, named BalanceBox®, and electrical mounting solutions, named e-Box®. Both come in wall and mobile solutions, with a vast array of accessories. You'll find all information on our website:

And of course, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to be of assistance!

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